Conversation Matters

Conversation Matters is a collective publication work by Master 2 students from the Visual Communication Design department at ENSAV La Cambre. It gathers research for all their different projects combining images, excerpts of theoretical texts and interviews with specialists.

My project is about language and its power of oppression and discrimination. It gathers evidence of linguistic discrimination (« glottophobia ») through 20th century French language manuals that speak for themselves, as well as contemporary digital traces found on X, Facebook and Instagram. Alongside these images, two texts explaining the power of language and an interview with a linguist on the origins of linguistic discrimination in French.

In collaboration with Ewan Andrade Lopes, Melina Aspridis, Clémentine Bost, William Denis, Zélie Dierckx, Amandine Kervyn, Hippolyte Lesseliers and Adèle Lippert.

184 pages, 50 copies. Laser & ComColor printing on Munken Lynx White, grey Clairefontaine Trophée & grey Fotokarton paper. Square back binding by Philippe Kessel.